Chart the Stock Market

  1. 目标:建立一个完整的 JavaScript 应用,功能上类似于 ,并将其部署到 Heroku。
  2. 你应该为每一个项目创建一个 GitHub 仓库以及 Heroku 项目。如果你不记得该如何操作,可以查看
  3. 下面是你应该在这个 Story 中实现的内容:
  4. User Story: I can view a graph displaying the recent trend lines for each added stock.
  5. User Story: I can add new stocks by their symbol name.
  6. User Story: I can remove stocks.
  7. User Story: I can see changes in real-time when any other user adds or removes a stock. For this you will need to use Web Sockets.
  8. Once you've finished implementing these user stories, click the "我已经完成了这个挑战" button and enter the URLs for both your GitHub repository and your live app running on Heroku.
  9. You can get feedback on your project from fellow campers by sharing it in our Code Review Chatroom. You can also share it on Twitter and your city's Campsite (on Facebook).

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