Projects Created by Free Code Camp Campers


by johnstonbl01

The elegant and lightweight boilerplate for full stack JavaScript.

Coding Bootcamp Cost Calculator

by adventurebear

This d3.js-powered coding bootcamp cost calculator takes into account tuition, financing, lost wages and cost of living.

by martoncsikos

Learn. Gain points. Visualize your skills.

Open Source Society

by ericdouglas

A path to a free education in Computer Science.


by akiralaine

Musare is a modern, collaborative, open-source Music App.

Queue That

by bighitbiker3

An app that uses the SoundCloud API in order to make temporary, running playlists.

Free Code Camp Event Zipline: Recipe Box

by storbeck

Try to reverse engineer this Recipe Box as an optional Zipline challenge.

Camper News Bot

by akiralaine

This twitter bot tweets out Camper News stories once they hit 5 upvotes.

Free Code Camp Top 100 Campers

by roelver

This leaderboard tracks the campers who have been most active (completing challenges, helping other campers) in the past 30 days.